Gay Gran Canaria Events 2020 - An overview of the key events


Although Gran Canaria (Maspalomas) is actually worth a visit almost 365 days a year, there are of course the big events spread over the year...
Here we have the important Events in Gran Canaria for the year 2020 at a glance...

This overview should help you to find the best dates for your holidays in Gran Canaria... and to know when it is best to book the holidays as early as possible...

Including dates for Gay Pride Maspalomas 2020, Maspalomas Winter Pride 2020, Karneval Maspalomas 2020, Freedom Gay Festival 2020 and more...

These dates could be interesting and important for you.

Either because you absolutely want to be there or to know which times are best for you to visit Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)...
...or to plan your holidays in time, because the popular and well-known Resorts and Hotels in Playa del Ingles are very fast booked out especially during these events...

Of course, the biggest (gay-) events in Gran Canaria are the Maspalomas Pride, the Maspalomas Carnival and since 2014 also the Maspalomas  Winter Pride...
Then we also have the Freedom Festival, the Maspalomas Summer Fiesta in August or the Maspalomas Fetish Week
- The highlight for all fetish friends since many years in October!

And not to forget the Maspalomas Bear Carnival and the Bear Camp, which has become more and more popular with Bears & Friends for several years...

Always, as soon as we get new information, we will update this here!

All dates are carefully researched, but always subject to change...

Gay Events Gran Canaria 2020

Gay Prides Gran Canaria 2020

Gay Pride Maspalomas
07.05.2020 - 17.05.2020

The great Gay Pride in May - One of the largest Prides in Europe and this for many years...

All Infos and Updates: Click here

Maspalomas Winter Pride
tba (no info yet)
last updated: 02.12.2019

2020 Winter Pride will be in Maspalomas for the 7th time - An open-air Pride in November - If not in Gran Canaria, where else in Europe?...

All Infos and Updates: to follow


Gay Pride Las Palmas

The Gay Pride in the island's capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - in recent years always in June/July...
Once we get the dates, we will post them here...

Gay Pride in Las Palmas - Dia de Orgullo Gay Las Palmas 2020

Carnival Gran Canaria 2020

Carnival in Maspalomas
05.03.2020 - 15.03.2020

Carnaval International de Maspalomas ...

The big carnival in and around the Yumbo Center, with the carnival parade through the streets of Playa del Ingles...

Drag Queen Gala - More infortion to follow (Yumbo Center)
Carnival Parade - More infortion to follow (Playa del Ingles)

Carnival in Las Palmas
07.02.2020 - 01.03.2020

Probably the best events in 2020 will be again the great

Drag Queen Gala - More infortion to follow
Carnival Parade - 
More infortion to follow (Las Palmas)

All info, the program and updates: Click here

 Bear Carnival Maspalomas
20.03.2020 - 29.03.2020

The event for bears and their admirers...

Gay Sommer Events 2020

Maspalomas Summer Fiesta
August 2020

Various parties, events, fun - The Maspalomas Summer Fiesta founded in 2018. Probably again in August 2020...

Freedom Gay Festival 2020
last updated: 02.12.2019

It will then be the 5th edition of the Gay Festival ... and probably again in October...
"Freedom Gay Festival - The summer does not end in September"


Further Gay Events 2020

Maspalomas Fetish Week 2020
02.10.2020 - 11.10.2020

For many years a fetish week in and around the Yumbo Center, with a full program, many events,... A "must visit" for all fetish friends...

The Program 2020 and Updates: to follow

All dates are carefully researched, but always subject to change...

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Also the begin of the German Carnival (11th November- especially on the Gay Beach in Maspalomas at Kiosk No. 7) is every year a popular highlight in Gran Canaria...
And this date now also includes the Winter Pride, which will make the south of Gran Canaria even more crowded.

Book your Holidays in Gran Canaria

As every year, so in 2020, especially during these events, it will be very crowded again in Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas.
And so the most popular Gay Resorts and accommodations around the Yumbo Center will be booked up very early!

Most of the accommodations have already published the prices for 2020, so there is nothing against an early booking...
If something is not available online, just contact the team of Gay-Maspalomas - Mostly there is a good solution or alternative...

The team of Gay Maspalomas is looking forward to hearing from you..

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