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at 29.05.18
Ressort: Los Almendros

Its my second time in the hotel Los Almendros which looks pretty but there were some maintenance issues at that time and now they got worse. I was not happy with location of my bungalow as mine (#2) and two others (#1, #3) have view to the fence and is next to the noisy street. While the hotel has lots of green grass and bushes, next to my bungalow - they are all dry. It gives me a feeling of being second best. The bungalow has also its problems mostly with the shower as tiles of the floor are laid with deep space and I doubt it can be cleaned properly. As it’s a gay hotel, this can cause issues with hygiene. Also drainage of shower does not function properly and dirt may come up so plumber visit is needed. So I don’t feel like staying here again unfortunately! The team of the Service Gay-Maspalomas works perfect. The guys respond promptly, are friendly and ready to help in any situation.

at 23.05.18

Was good... its old one studio, but price is very good...

at 22.05.18
Ressort: Hotel Nayra
This is a top Hotel! Friendle people-5 stars Service-beautiful accomodation- For me is this a 5***** Hotel!!
at 21.05.18
Ressort: Los Almendros
Great place with friendly staff and beautiful garden close to the beach and Yumbo !
at 19.05.18

Simple but functional, nice and convenient...

Thierry & Pierre
at 15.05.18
Ressort: Hotel Neptuno
We had great holidays at Neptuno Hotel and Playa del Ingles. All was fine as the other times we checked with Gay Maspalomas ! Thanks a lot to you!
at 05.03.18
Ressort: Los Almendros

Was placed in a bungalow facing north (no sun only shade) and by a noisy street. Was given a double bed but wanted two single beds. The kitchenette is rather poorly equipped, so don't expect to be able to do much self catering, if that's what your are in for. Friendly and helpful staff - nice atmosphere and quiet (apart from the noisy street) Note that cleaning and change of bed/towels are not done on a daily basis. (in fact the bed-clothes was not changed in all 9 days) Transport to/from the airport: EXCELLENT!!!

Lars Martin
at 05.03.18
Ressort: Tropical la Zona
Great place as usual, friendly and easy communicative staff. Never problems! You can't affect the weather, just put on the right clothes. Mixed and sometimes very wet and my coldest days ever. But 2019 I'm probably there again.
at 10.02.18
Ressort: Paso Chico

I really enjoyed the stay. Very relaxing atmosphere in Paso Chico, nice little apartment with a good bed - and very friendly and serviceminded staff!

And I chose some of the restaurants where I could use the Gay Maspalomas Card....

at 27.11.17
Ressort: Birdcage Resort

Just stayed a week at BIRDCAGE RESORT.
That was as close to Paradise as you can be. The garden suit was very spacy, clean, well equipted and comfortable.

Breakfast and other meals superb. Andrée and his staff VERY nice, helpfully and professional in all ways.
I hope to go there soon again.

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