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at 15.11.19

It was wonderful as again! Also the removation was a succes. Taxi service was great! I already booked for March...

at 21.10.19

Bungalows location not far away from Jumbo center is very good, also staff is friendly and rooms and territory is clean. But here are some things, while im not shure, will i choos this bungalow next time and unfortunatly here the staff can do allmoste nothing. The problem is, that bungalow is located behind some big apartment hotels as axel beach, riu don miguel and every morning at 6.00 starts big trash maschins driving. Later other big mashines witch serving this complexes. Its not good to wake up every morning at 6.00 hearing 10min how glass makes noise broking and so on. Also the beds in bungalow was too rocky....maybe goid for fuck sessions but really not for sleep.

at 15.10.19
Ressort: Sunny Village
Perfects hôtel and bungalow. Sunny Village are very quiet and silent. A calm and zen place in the madness of Maspalomas. Very big pool. friendly and professional staff.
at 20.09.19

A very big thank you for my wonderful holiday in Torremolinos. As you may remember I fell in love with Paso Chico last year in Gran Canaria, and I didn’t think it was possible for you to organise such a good holiday in Torremolinos.
However, Hotel Ritual was wonderful and so was Torremolinos itself – so I think you are miracle workers.

The weather of course was excellent for the whole fortnight. I loved being able to be naked in Paso Chico, so the nudist area on the roof of the hotel in Torremolinos was excellent for me and I spent two or three hours there every day.

The hotel was really close to the gay area which was fabulous – I tried Men’s Bar which was good, Cuero which was okay, the Apollo sauna which was really good and then I found Exxxteme which was amazing and I went there several times.

There were so many restaurants I was spoilt for choice. I went to the one in the hotel four or five times and I really enjoy the buffet there. But my favourite was a restaurant on the beach which sold LGBT burgers (which made me smile) – the burgers came with a small rainbow flag on them – LGBT stands for Lettuce, Gouda, Bacon and Tomato!

I had problems with the transfers as you know, thank you so much for getting some money back from them – luckily these minor problems didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the holiday at all.

The staff at the hotel were wonderful, I did have a problem when I first arrived as they had given me a room which wasn’t looking directly at the sea but rather looking over the swimming pool with a glimpse of the sea. I asked to change it and they were very helpful and worked hard to find me an excellent room. So I ended up with a fabulous sea view and I loved drinking my coffee in the morning, sitting on the balcony and watching the sun rise over the sea.

Thanks again for finding me such a magnificent holiday and organising it so quickly.

Ritual Torremolinos

at 11.09.19
Ressort: Tropical la Zona
Great bungalow as usual ! People working at Tropical la Zona are very nice and helpfull . Thé taxi was fine. Thé driver was right on Time.
at 13.08.19
Ressort: Tropical la Zona
Rather disappointed by the standard of finishings in the room. I don't understand how a gay resort think it is OK to supply single beds pushed together rather than a double. Everytime you move in for a cuddle the beds move apart and a chasm opens up between them. They were also quite hard, as was the sofa. Both were foam matresses on a spring "camp bed" stype base.
at 24.05.19
Ressort: Tropical la Zona
The accommodation is fine and the facilities are pleasant around the complex. It is kept tidy and clean. More over I would give 5 stars to the guys who run and book this website. They are responsive and make it so easy, a much nicer personalised experience so I would recommend booking through them.
at 20.05.19
Ressort: Los Almendros
As every ear wonderful week Staff is very friendly And we enjoy meeting our friends as many visitors come every year Special thank to Alex & Sebastian for the great help to book !
at 19.05.19
Ressort: Tropical la Zona
Always perfect...
Arthur Castelijns
at 03.04.19

Great complex, relaxed , clean also, and nearby all gay accommodations

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