Gay Cruise October 2024


Due to current situation and due to numerous inquiries......

OF COURSE the organizer of the Spartacus Gay Cruise has heard about the current situation and is closely monitoring it...
OF COURSE the port of Haifa will NOT be approached if the situation remains tense or dangerous...

We are currently still in 2023, so there is still a lot of time until the cruise in October 2024.
If Haifa (Tel Aviv) cannot be approached, the organizer is already planning a great alternative to enable you to have a nice and, above all, SAFE Spartacus Gay Cruise 2024.

There is currently nothing against a booking - Secure your place for October 2024 and be part (again) when the VASCO DA GAMA sets sail for the Gay Cruise 2024...

Gay Cruise Oktober 2024


The VASCO DA GAMA is one of the smaller cruise ships on the seven seas.
With a manageable number of guests of less than 1,000 travelers and yet in an absolutely upscale and classic category.

The Vasco is equipped with two pools - the larger of which has a closable glass roof -  and a beautiful wellness area (SPA) with dry sauna, steam bath, whirlpool....
Alos cruising  - for those who look for it - is given on a ship full of hot m

Gastronomically, the Vasco da Gama plays in the top league.
It has various restaurants, including several restaurants with great service on site and of course a large buffet restaurant.

THE Gay Cruise in October 2024
European Gay Cruise

Gay Cruise Oktober 2024

In October 2024 it's finally time again - The marvellous VASCO DA GAMA sets sail again.
For many years now, the cruise ship is being transformed into one of the hottest and horniest places on the sea once a year...

After the Canaries route on the Atlantic in 2022, the Mediterranean round in 2023 (just to name the last two ones), a real highlight awaits in 2024...

Greece with Athens, Crete and of course MYKONOS, in combination with Israel / Haifa (Tel Aviv).
A perfect itinerary for a brilliant Gay Cruise.

Gay Cruise 2024 - Die Route

The planned itinerary 2024
(subject to all port permits - See also update above regarding Haifa):

Arrival Depature
09.10. Athen (Greece) 23:00
10.10. Mykonos (Greece) 08:00 03:00 (+1)
11.10. At sea
12.10. Lanarka (Cyprus) 12:00 20:00
13.10. Haifa (Israel) 08:00
14.10. Haifa (Israel) 17:00
15.10. At sea
16.10. Heraklion (Greece) 08:00

Gay Cruise October 2024

End of Year Offer

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