Gay Cruise October 2024

THE Gay Cruise in October 2024
European Gay Cruise

Gay Cruise Oktober 2024

In October 2024 it's finally time again - The marvellous VASCO DA GAMA sets sail again.
For many years now, the cruise ship is being transformed into one of the hottest and horniest places on the sea once a year...

After the Canaries route on the Atlantic in 2022, the Mediterranean round in 2023 (just to name the last two ones), a real highlight awaits in 2024...

Greece with Athens, Crete and of course MYKONOS, in combination with Israel / Haifa (Tel Aviv).
A perfect itinerary for a brilliant Gay Cruise.

Gay Cruise 2024 - Die Route

The planned itinerary 2024
(subject to all port permits):

Arrival Depature
09.10. Athen (Greece) 23:00
10.10. Mykonos (Greece) 08:00 03:00 (+1)
11.10. At sea
12.10. Lanarka (Cyprus) 12:00 20:00
13.10. Haifa (Israel) 08:00
14.10. Haifa (Israel) 17:00
15.10. At sea
16.10. Heraklion (Greece) 08:00

Gay Cruise Oktober 2024


The VASCO DA GAMA is one of the smaller cruise ships on the seven seas.
With a manageable number of guests of less than 1,000 travelers and yet in an absolutely upscale and classic category.

The Vasco is equipped with two pools - the larger of which has a closable glass roof -  and a beautiful wellness area (SPA) with dry sauna, steam bath, whirlpool....
Alos cruising  - for those who look for it - is given on a ship full of hot m

Gastronomically, the Vasco da Gama plays in the top league.
It has various restaurants, including several restaurants with great service on site and of course a large buffet restaurant.

Gay Cruise October 2024