Freedom Festival Maspalomas 2018 - Conchita live in the Yumbo Center

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The Freedom Festival 2018 - One of the "youngest" events in the annual-gay-event calendar in Maspalomas.
Or according to the motto of the festival  -  "The summer does not end in September..."

Freedom Association LGBT Maspalomas (Gran Canaria) - The full name.

In short "Freedom" the organizers of - among others - the big Gay Pride Maspalomas in May (next May again from 02.05.2019 - 12.05.2019) and the Freedom Festival in October.

The Freedom Festival is a relatively "young" event in the annual-gay-event calendar in Maspalomas - but in the meantime almost a third Gay Pride Party in the south of Gran Canaria ...

With the motto "The summer does not end in September", the Freedom Festival Maspalomas takes place in October since 2017.
This year from 10.10.2018 - 14.10.2018 and so overlapping with the last weekend of the Maspalomas Fetish Week 2018.

Yes, the Yumbo Center was crowded...

The Saturday evening live-stage show in the Yumbo Center offered a full program and in addition to various performances, local artist also the highlight of the festival in 2018...

Freedom has succeeded in getting Conchita (Conchita Wurst) to Gran Canaria - Really (even if it is a subjective opinion) an absolute highlight and one of the greatest artists that have appeared in the past years (or ever) on a stage in the Yumbo Center.

Conchita live im Yumbo Center (Gran Canaria)

Latest since Conchita won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 for Austria, she is an icon of the LGBT community and gives us a voice worldwide. Together ... We are unstoppable!

Even though Conchita has now taken off the high heels and ball gowns - The magic, the charisma and the voice are unique.

It was a great gig in front of a full Yumbo Center - The big hits "Rise like a Phoenix", "We are unstoppable" and a song from the new album... Together with the great ballad "My heart will go on" from Celin Dion.

Facebook (Gay-Maspalomas) - Conchita live

Goosebumps - Atmosphere - Thank you Freedom for organizing the Freedom Festival 2018.
We look forward to the Gay Pride Maspalomas in May and of course another edition of the Freedom Festival in 2019...