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Bars and venues in Gran Canaria - A selection...

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Spartacus International Gay Guide

Bar Adonis ( C.C. Yumbo, Gran Canaria )

Well-known and newly renovated bar in the C.C. Yumbo (Playa del Ingles) - Large bar and terrace with enough space for new contacts!

Bar Coco Loco ( C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles )

A small bar with a predominantly young people at the Yumbo Boulevard.
The fun and party bar with very friendly and English speaking staff.

Bar Diamonds (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

The famous and very popular Bar on the ground floor of the Yumbo Center -
Your place to be seen...

Bar Es Fatal (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

"Savoir Vivre" in the Yumbo Centre in Gran Canaria.

Bar Junior ( C.C Yumbo, Playa del Ingles )

Nice Gay Bar in Playa del Inglés in C.C. Yumbo on the lower level.
Dieter and Jeffrey and the team make you feel welcome for a lovely evening.

Bar La Bulle (C.C. Yumbo; Playa del Ingles)

Lounge Bar on the lower level of the C.C. Yumbo

Bar Macho Macho (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

The good mood Bar Macho Macho of Marco (Dutch) and his team offers you fun and a nice atmosphere.

Bar MeickeR (C.C. Yumbo, Gran Canaria)

Small and cosy danish bar in the Yumbo Center! Erik and Jack are looking forward to welcome you!

Bar Mykonos ( C.C Yumbo, Playa del Ingles )

Gay bar with a dance floor on the 4th Floor in CC Yumbo Playa del Ingles, next to the bar Tubos.

Bar Peppermint (Yumbo Center, Gran Canaria)

The small and cozy Cocktail Bar in the Six Pack Zone (Yumbo Center)...

Bar Rendezvous (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

Adam and Dave are looking forward to your visit.
The small and cozy Bar Rendezvous can be found on the groundfloor of the C.C. Yumbo.

Bar Spartacus ( C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles )

Every night, the Bar Spartacus is open to welcome you as a guest.
A large selection of coffees specialities and cocktails is available.

Bar Tubos (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

Popular bar on the 4th Level of C.C. Yumbo. Every night at midnight the evening begins in Tubos at trendy main stream music.

Blink at Na Und (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

Right next to the "Na and" you'll find the Blink@Na Und - the small and cozy bar.

Buddies (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

British Bar with an international clientele - an established Bar in the Yumbo Centre.

Bärenhöhle/Bearcave (C.C. Yumbo, Gran Canaria)

The small and cozy bar for Bears and Friends

Chez Funny Boys (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

Comedey Drag Shows and Entertainment - Free entrance and daily shows from 11:30pm...

Chupa Chupa (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

Small party bar on the 1st floor of the C.C. Yumbo.

Eiffel Bar (C.C. Yumbo, Gran Canria)

French chic with an international flair! The new Eiffel Bar in Gran Canaria in the C.C. Yumbo.

Fiction Bar (C.C Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

On the lower floor in C.C. Yumbo is the fiction bar is special: Here you'll get served by waiters in sexy strings

Gossip (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

The next great location on the Yumbo Boulevard - Big terrace with free Live Show's

Melodies Bar (C.C. Cita, Playa del Ingles)

A nice and relaxed evening with open air atmosphere - Melodies Bar in the Shopping Center Cita!

Mystique Bar (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

Hosted by Miss Abby - Mystique Bar in the C.C. Yumbo

Parrots Gran Canaria (C.C. Yumbo, Gran Canaria)

Now also in Gran Canaria - The Parrots, well known from Sitges for many years!

Pilsbar Na Und (C.C Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

Pils bar "Na Und" in C.C. Yumbo, the comfortable and friendly dance club for young and old.

Pirates Gran Canaria (Yumbo Center, Playa del Ingles)

Gay Bar on the ground floor of C.C. Yumbo.
(Formerly known as The Block)...

Ricky's Caberet Bar (Yumbo Center, Gran Canaria)

Longest established Comedy Drag Bar in the Yumbo Center...An experience you'll never forget!

Score - Gay Sports Bar (Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria)

A new concept in the Cita...
Gay Bar with the best live sport events...

Sparkles Showbar ( C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles )

Comedy Variety Show, Show Bar of the year 2013/2013 - Sparkless Show Bar on the 2nd floor of the Yumbo Center.

Warsteiner-Eck (C.C. La Sandia, Playa del Ingles)

The Du&Ich Bar has moved and increased - Günther and Tobias have opened their Warsteiner Eck

WunderBar (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

One of the most popular bars for younger people in the Yumbo

Xanadu Bar (C.C. Yumbo, Playa del Ingles)

Small Bar in the Yumbo Center!

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