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Strand Gran Canaria

Ebb and Flow - Tides in Gran Canaria

The tides in Gran Canaria - particularly during water run-off it can be dangerous to swim in the Atlantic Ocean.
The pull of the water can be very strong and there might be dangerous undercurrents!
Therefore, you should only go swimming at supervised beaches and pay special attention to the flags...

  • Green flag: Swimming is allowed
  • Orange Flagge: Swimming is allowed, but you should be careful
  • Rote Flagge: Swimming is absolutely forbidden and dangerous - Failure to comply threatens penalties!

Below you'll find a link that shows you the daily tides.
It is in Spanish Tabla de Mareas - But therefore it is up to date.

Some explanations

Go to:
Las Palmas - Gran Canaria - Tabla de mareas de Pasito Blanco (next to Maspalomas) - scroll down to the table...

bajamar = Low tide
pleamar = High tide

You can also see the times for sunrise and sunset.

Tide Tables Gran Canaria

Current weather in Gran Canaria

Current weather
Las Palmas

Current weather

Beaches Gran Canaria

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