Maspalomas Pride 2017 Main Stage - Gala Mr. Gay World

Gay & Lesbian Boat Trip

Maspalomas Pride 2017 Hauptbühne - Gala Mr. Gay World

...The finals and the decision of the Mr. Gay World 2017 competition

For the first time in Maspalomas (during Gay Pride) - The Mr. Gay World Contest.

After the press conference on Monday and the presentation of the 21 candidates, a Gala Show took place - At the end of this Show, the new Mr. Gay World 2017 was elected.

In several rounds the 21 candidates (from different countries) presented themselves on the main stage (in swimwear,...) - Between the individual rounds, different acts and performances took place...

Presentation and details of the candidates

Mr. Gay World 2017...

And the winner 2017 is.....

Mr. Gay World 2017

John Fernández Raspado (Philippines - 36 years old)

The 2nd and 3rd Place

Mr. Gay World 2017

So also the decision was made who will now have the title of Mr. Gay World 2017...

...and here we have many nice photos of today's Mr. Gay World Gala

Pictures Maspalomas Pride 2017 Main Stage - Gala Mr. Gay World

Date: 13.5.2017

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